Ways to Avoid Typical Leadership Pitfalls...

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“Unleashing The Leader In You” is a guide designed for C-Level executives and senior leaders, addressing common misconceptions and pitfalls hindering effective leadership. This transformative resource offers actionable steps, encouraging authentic decision-making, constructive feedback, and a commitment to change and innovation, fostering resilience and sustained success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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“Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the most powerful and dynamic coach I have ever experienced. She makes me face difficult truths without mincing words, yet with compassionate honesty. She operates at a level of integrity, intensity and drive that is laudable. She always demands the best from me and all her clients, thereby motivating us to maximize our potential. In the process, we learn what it means to be outstanding. There is a certainty I get from her energy field that is infectious and makes me know that I am doing the right thing.”
Debbie R.
C-Level Executive – Major Communications Company


I’m Dr. Ulwyn Pierre. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of serving as the trusted reinvention sherpa to C-level executives and senior leaders, guiding them to tap into their innate human genius. They get to reinvent their lives, companies, and careers. What is heartwarming and truly inspires me is witnessing them shine brighter than they ever thought possible, personally and professionally, contributing to their communities, and making a positive impact on the world.

My career spans more than 30 years working with top level leadership across 14 industries and 12 countries. My expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including organizational strengthening, human capital optimization, succession planning, talent management, strategic planning, and business re-engineering.

In particular, we have mitigated risk and reversed revenue decline for a Fortune 1000 wholesaler, designed and implemented a successful leadership initiative for a Fortune 100 insurance company, and guided the restructuring of a communications technology firm that resulted in significant revenue and profit growth My proven and comprehensive signature Hunomics Edge 360o Success Impact System has delivered these cutting-edge leadership initiatives and unprecedented outcomes across diverse industries, disciplines, and geographies.

In addition to my work with organizations, I’m passionate about supporting companies that are focused on developing the next generation of senior leaders, so they know how to navigate uncertainty and achieve success in all aspects of life, career, and family.