No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly.
When we know [and live] this, we become free.
– Guatama Buddha

What is Hunomics®

Hunomics® is the philosophy of Human Transformation that is logical and effective, bringing about authentic living, exceptional leadership, as well as personal and economic freedom.

“HUman” and “ecoNOMICS” are the two aspects of our life that must be addressed if genuine, lasting, and meaningful change is to come about.  Thus, the philosophy exists within the word:  Hunomics. The Hunomics philosophy represents an improved and more effective way of being, thinking, operating, and living your True Life Purpose full out, as you own and fulfill your Chosen Destiny.  It works on both the human and economic sides of the human transformation equation.

The Hunomics® philosophy and its guiding principles are implemented through my Practice known as The Hunomics Edge®.

Why The Hunomics Edge®

A vast number of high achievers, globally, have been sold and embraced a bill of goods that money is the highlight of profitability and happiness. However, despite their financial and material successes, a majority of them are unhappy with their life and career. For them, there is this gnawing feeling that something fundamentally important is missing from their lives for which they crave. Research shows that this predicament has become a silent global epidemic, robbing people of their personal, professional and financial wellbeing and fulfillment.

I feel compelled to end this silent epidemic of disappointment and frustration.  I have chosen to take up the mantle to successfully assist in addressing this challenge that is growing at epidemic proportions, globally, and that continues to be shrouded in shame and blame. As a result, I have created and used this time-tested and proven Hunomics Edge® Practice for more than 25 years. It has produced unprecedented results for my clients, who get to live a life that matters most to them; one of happiness, fulfillment, meaning, as well as abundance.

My intent is for us to be the positive change we want to see in ourselves and in the world that so desperately needs us, leaving an enduring legacy for this and future generations.

What is The Hunomics Edge®

  • The Hunomics Edge® is the time-tested and proven practice we use at Embracing Freedom Global as the core foundation of everything we do. Founded by Dr. Ulwyn Pierre, for more than 25 years the Hunomic’s Edge® Practice continues to serve as a client’s customized Blueprint to Authentic Living, Exceptional Leadership, and Financial Freedom. It allows them to embrace and operate from a platform of optimism and resilience for resourcefulness, that is holistically profitable.
  • It is a step-by-step integrative and holistic practice, customized to meet the client’s specific and diverse wants/needs. We use it to encourage and assist them in tapping into their innate freedom and genius as they commit and take action to live their purpose driven life, that had eluded them for far too long. They end up living their best life they thought impossible or beyond their reach and relish their new or renewed value and sustainability of results.
  • The Hunomics Edge® was created by Dr. Ulwyn through her genuine caring, passion and wholehearted commitment to eradicate this epidemic because of her steadfast belief that freedom is right, not a gift and everyone should have the opportunity to live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

How It works

  • Since the Hunomics Edge® Practice is undeniably a lived experience and journey in which you get to re-story your life, this process allows you to reclaim, reframe, rebuild, live from a sense of resilience, as well as find your relevance, reliability and resourcefulness.
  • First, we stop the bleeding of your immediate pain, so you aren’t paralyzed by it and can start your journey toward success and fulfillment with hope. Next, we develop and implement a customized plan of action, so it is a certainty you will discover your inner genius and be that unstoppable and limitless you, you were born to be. Once this happens, you will begin to transform your life, being your best self and living your best life, now, by fully tapping into your innate freedom. Remember, this freedom is your right, not a gift.
  • We guarantee certainty of results, as long as you are committed to follow the guidance given and do whatever it takes to make it happen for you. Both entities must be committed to take decisive action and have skin in the game of transformational breakthroughs to achieve the outcome they want/crave.

Sample of Results Delivered

  • In using the Hunomics Edge® Practice, we have consistently produced quantifiable, outstanding, sustainable results for clients regardless of industry, discipline, geography, position, and/or specific situation.
  • Client results include increased revenues by as much as 47 percent in 90 days (Food Services), generated ROIs as high as 375 percent in 12 months (Insurance), and increased profits by 82 percent in as little as 11 months (Finance). Qualitative outcomes are reflected in client testimonials. (To learn more – click here for Client Testimonials and Case Studies).

The Hunomics Edge® Practice uses our programs and services as vehicles tailored to facilitate the delivery of the value and outcomes our clients desire. They get to transform their lives, unleash their greatness, and conquer new summits of personal and professional possibility.

Each client’s journey is highly customized, across all leadership and management levels, so we meet their needs, demands, style of learning, doing, and desired outcomes. As a result, we ask any potential clients or groups to contact us for a 30-minute diagnostic session to determine wants and best fit.