Testimonial – Corporate Edge, Project Based Consulting Program

“Dr. Ulwyn and her team are outstanding researchers, consultants and coaches who have the ability to discern where you are, detect the root causes of your current situation, and determine where you want to be. They work with you in providing insightful and effective solutions that realize your desired goals. They are vested in the results you want to achieve, and provide the guidance and support needed to obtain sustainable results.”
Sr. Vice President, Fortune 100 Food Company

Case Study – Project Based Consulting Program

Fortune 100 Company struggled to establish an effective Leadership Development Initiative that got the full participation of its leaders. The customized and unique leadership initiative we developed received a 95% buy-in and participation from leadership. It was reported that it was the first time in 25 years that this level of participation by leadership occurred.
Director of Enterprise Development, Major Insurance Company

Testimonial – Corporate Edge, Project Based Consulting Program

"I can honestly say that your [strategic planning and change] process as the driving force to our bank exceeding its planned goals by 30%. I cannot thank you and your team enough for sharing with us an invaluable process that has made a difference in our ability to grow and develop our business."
President, Major Chicago Bank

Case Study – Corporate Edge, Multi-Group Series Program

A C-suite executive and a division Sr. VP of a Fortune 1000 company requested my assistance in strengthening the company’s succession planning pipeline. They had promoted staff to higher levels that proved to not be effective. We put together a 12-month multi-group series program where we worked with a select team who then were put in charge to implement our plan of action with their own groups with our assistance. During the 12-months, those already promoted and thought to have had promise, with assistance, met company performance standards. Those who could not meet the muster, were moved to different positions where they could excel. The company pipeline increased in strength because they were now getting individuals who had the appropriate guidance and practice to meet higher level responsibilities. One of comment from the C-suite executive, “this is a miracle in the making.
Alex, C-Suite Executive, Marketing Company

Testimonial – Corporate Edge, Small Group Series Program

"Dr Ulwyn, this is still mindboggling to me; you got to the root cause of our problems in such a short period of time. It did not matter how infected or embarrassing the core, you took the high ground and without judgment, you provided hope. You restored the dignity of our team and raised them to a higher level of effectiveness, so they saw themselves as the unique and special people they were born to be. I still do not know how you do that, but what a gift to have.”
Arthur, President, Marketing and Promotions Company

Case Study – Project Base Consulting Program

A division of Fortune 100 Insurance had a project that was failing despite the input of a reputable consulting firm. The company risked losing millions of dollars. We developed and implemented a plan of action that moved the division from crisis mode to receiving investment returns of 375% in 12 months. The division also secured three patents and won two national awards.
Senior Executive, Fortune 100 Insurance Company