Testimonial – Corporate Edge, Project Based Consulting Program

“Dr. Ulwyn and her team are outstanding researchers, consultants and coaches who have the ability to discern where you are, detect the root causes of your current situation, and determine where you want to be. They work with you in providing insightful and effective solutions that realize your desired goals. They are vested in the results you want to achieve, and provide the guidance and support needed to obtain sustainable results.”

Sr. Vice President, Fortune 100 Food Company

Case Study – Corporate Edge, Project Based Consulting Program

Fortune 100 Company struggled to establish an effective Leadership Development Initiative that got the full participation of its leaders. The customized and unique leadership initiative we developed received a 95% buy-in and participation from leadership. It was reported that it was the first time in 25 years that this level of participation by leadership occurred.

Director of Enterprise Development, Major Insurance Company

Testimonial – Corporate Edge, Project Based Consulting Program

"I can honestly say that your [strategic planning and change] process as the driving force to our bank exceeding its planned goals by 30%. I cannot thank you and your team enough for sharing with us an invaluable process that has made a difference in our ability to grow and develop our business."

President, Major Chicago Bank

Case Study – Corporate Edge, Multi-Group Series Program

A C-suite executive and a division Sr. VP of a Fortune 1000 company requested my assistance in strengthening the company’s succession planning pipeline. They had promoted staff to higher levels that proved to not be effective. We put together a 12-month multi-group series program where we worked with a select team who then were put in charge to implement our plan of action with their own groups with our assistance. During the 12-months, those already promoted and thought to have had promise, with assistance, met company performance standards. Those who could not meet the muster, were moved to different positions where they could excel. The company pipeline increased in strength because they were now getting individuals who had the appropriate guidance and practice to meet higher level responsibilities. One of comment from the C-suite executive, “this is a miracle in the making.

Alex, C-Suite Executive, Marketing Company

Testimonial – Corporate Edge, Small Group Series Program

"Dr Ulwyn, this is still mindboggling to me. You restored the dignity of our team and raised them to a higher level of effectiveness, finally meeting productivity and profitability mandates. You took the high ground, and without judgment, you created an environment of trust and confidence. The team saw themselves as the unique and powerful people that they are, operating at peak potential. I still do not know how you do that, but what a gift to have.”

Arthur, President, Marketing and Promotions Company

Case Study – Corporate Edge Project Base Consulting Program

A division of Fortune 100 Insurance had a project that was failing despite the input of a reputable consulting firm. The company risked losing millions of dollars. We developed and implemented a plan of action that moved the division from crisis mode to receiving investment returns of 375% in 12 months. The division also secured three patents and won two national awards.

Senior Executive, Fortune 100 Insurance Company


"This bootcamp was much more than I could have imagined. I got the opportunity to gain insights as well as apply them in a situation, thereby allowing me to hone-in and reinforce what I learned. Though challenging, I was able to push past some fears that have sabotaged my progress. Thanks for allowing me to be a better leader and person, than when I rst got here. I know I am able to rock my life."



A private group of CEOs and senior executives requested assistance in being clearer and more energized about the important next steps to take in their lives. They had already made signicant contributions and had impact in their companies but felt stuck because they wanted to have a more meaningful impact that lighted their re, making them excited for what lies ahead. For this group, we held a destiny retreat at a lavish resort, uniquely appropriate for experiential endeavors and to push the envelope of possibilities. They left the retreat revved-up, not only clearly being able to articulate their true-life purpose and Vision (and committed to their realization), but also clear about the legacy they want to live and leave. They shared their gratitude to getting a new group of supportive like-minded individuals as well as an invigorating and fullling lease on life, they’re going to live full out.


Sometimes we think we are on-top of everything because of the magnitude of our success. This retreat was a welcomed wake-up call for me. Dr. Ulwyn, the ingenious way this program was laid out, allowed me to experience learning, interaction and application in a creative way, that I did not expect. I gained greater insight into me and the unique possibilities that are available to me to achieve what I had secretly longed to do. Connecting and working with other colleagues also provided us with the opportunity to make whatever we desired, but was beginning to doubt ourselves, an achievable reality. I am humbled by this experience. You get me!



For many years increasing problems plagued this national non-prot organization to the point that it was losing a signicant number of its members. Within his rst week on the job, the newly appointed Executive Director had his strategic plan, solutions, and implementation blueprint fully adopted by the key players: his executives, management team, and Board of Directors based upon a 10-day strategic planning process with us., prior to his start date.


Testimonial – Individual Edge, Private One-on-One Coaching Program

“Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the most powerful and dynamic coach I have ever experienced. She makes me face difficult truths without mincing words, yet with compassionate honesty. She operates at a level of integrity, intensity, and drive that is laudable. She always demands the best from me and all her clients, thereby motivating us to maximize our true potential. In the process, we learn what it means to be outstanding. There is a certainty I get from her energy field that is infectious and makes me know that I am doing the right thing.”

Debbie, CEO, Major Communications Company

Case Study – Individual Edge, VIP One-day Laser Intensive

For 30 years, a leading executive of an established accounting firm suffered from chronic worry that negatively impacted his desired effectiveness. Within a one-day VIP intensive, he was able to deal with major issues that he kept avoiding. He described his experience as life changing and his second most momentous experience, the first of which was the birth of his child.

Client, Managing Partner, Large Established Accounting Firm

Testimonial – Individual Edge, VIP One-day Laser Intensive

“After seeing a psychologist for about 8 years, unsuccessfully dealing with my insecurity issues and not feeling I was good enough, I was very skeptical that a 6-hour session with you would make the slightest difference. By hour two, with your no-nonsense approach and unwavering commitment, I had successfully and finally understood the root of my worry and self-limiting beliefs. By the end of the 6-hours, I left feeling very confident and relieved and with a practiced plan of action. In the days that followed, my colleagues noticed a change in me since I was able to get my office organized, complete tasks that I had been procrastinating about and even successfully dealt with a serious issue that I had refused to address for a while. My session with you was absolutely phenomenal, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your belief in me and not letting me give up when it got challenging.”

Senior Executive, Major Finance Company

Case Study – Corporate Edge, Small Group Series Program

A Sr. Vice President of the strategic planning division of a prominent communications and publishing company felt frustrated that he was picking up the slack for the team that was operating on auto pilot. He knew things had to change. For this team, we put together a 12-month small group series program where we developed and assisted in implementing a customized plan of action to move the company closer to realizing its vision. The success and results achieved far surpassed what the Sr. Vice President had anticipated. Working in real time, synergistically, and with our support, project completion time was down 33 percent, causing a decrease in costs by more than 20 percent within that 12-month period.

Charles, Sr. Vice President, Communications & Publishing Company

Testimonial – Not Included in Any of the Edges

“From the first session I had with you, I felt that I had taken my first real breath. I felt alive. I knew that my true purpose, which I held back from pursuing because of certain negative experiences I have had in my life, will no longer be put on hold. This seminar provided me with the keys to live from the inside out in every aspect of my life and that’s exactly what I am doing.”

Jennifer, President, Established Entrepreneur, Marketing Company

Case Study – Corporate Edge, Executive Private 1-on-1

A leading executive in the financial industry, who is in the top five most valued leaders in his field, was overwhelmed and unhappy under the increased pressure not only to get to that level of national prominence but also to maintain it. After my work with him, he now enjoys and looks forward to going to work for the first time in 29 years. His partners and co-workers recognize his positive transformation. He is adding enormous value, getting even more creative and effective in what he does as a leader and is a better person as a father, husband, and friend.

C-Suite Executive, Large National Insurance Company

Testimonial – Corporate Edge, Multi-Group Series Program

“I was hesitant at the beginning because I thought what you promised was unattainable. I was moving up the corporate ladder so fast, I felt I was getting to a level of “conscious incompetence,” which scared the hell out of me. During this journey with you, you impressed upon us that the only person who can limit our genius, is ourselves. Because of your leadership, expertise, and no-nonsense approach, you challenged us to be our best selves. I grew in ways I could not have imagined and got to be not only a better leader, but also but a better husband, father and friend. We are also fortunate to have had you guide us to operate at full potential with courage as well as “have a positive ripple effect on the lives of others.” By the way, my wife and children also thank you. I am lucky to have known you and benefitted from you, you powerful lady! ”

Jason, Sr. Manager, Health and Wellness Company

Case Study – Individual Edge, Private 1-on-1 Coaching

After years of ineffective action, the CEO of this Innovation Technology Company did not know what was standing in the way of his success. Working with us allowed him to uncover key hidden challenges and their causes that negatively impacted his business and permeated all aspects of his life. He attributes having worked with us and the clarity and insights gained to have allowed him to successfully and aggressively tackle each aspect of his business and personal life to great success.

Sylvester, CEO, Innovation Technology Company

Testimonial – Individual Edge, Private One-on-One Coaching Program

“She is a leader of leaders, truly exceptional in her insights and uncompromising in her standard of excellence, who brings a sense of joy to what I am doing. She is the kind of bell tone that clients have been listening for that we have either misplaced or have not quite yet discovered. You will be fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Ulwyn, so seize the opportunity to be great.”

CEO, Established Entrepreneur, Communications Company

Case Study – Mastermind Edge

Our company also excels at conflict resolution. A large family-owned business was in disarray after the death of the father. We worked with key stakeholders to resolve existing conflicts and transformed the company to higher levels of financial and human capital prosperity. The company experienced a 33% increase in productivity and profitability within a three-month period.

ECO, Family Owned Construction Company

Testimonial – Mastermind Edge, Laser Intensive Power Group

“Dr. Ulwyn Pierre helps us learn the human intangibles: how to genuinely honor ourselves at our highest and best, without compromise, with gratitude and balance. Then we are able to give honor to others, provide safety and acknowledgement so they can flourish without fear of reprisal. This gentle certainty, this fierce compassion, the inner compass that points towards destiny and legacy worthy of our time on Earth – that is the long-denied essence of myself that I have finally learned to reveal and live from because of my work with Dr. Ulwyn Pierre.”

Linda, Producer/Host, Atomic

Case Study – Project Based Consulting Program

A major Chicago financial institution had on-going escalating cost and plunging profits because of years of persistent personnel and organizational inefficiencies. We retrained senior management as well as developed and implemented a customized strategic planning process for a major Chicago-based financial institution that was the driving force in exceeding its planned productivity and revenue goals by 30% in that year and has maintained its financial strength in spite of the recession.

President, Major Chicago Bank

Testimonial – Not Included in Any of the Edges

“Wow! I did not expect the insights that Dr. Ulwyn could have. She really helped me see some hidden challenges that I had all my life. She got to the core and recognized that the cause of the challenges I was having in business permeated all aspects of my life. As a result of addressing the core of these challenges, I am now able to move to positive, decisive action. After years of ineffective action, I have clarity and a better attitude and perspective. I am aggressively tackling each aspect of my business with new strategies and insights I attribute directly to having attended this series.”

Sylvester, President, Established Entrepreneur, Innovation Technology

Case Study – Bootcamp Edge, Laser Intensive Bootcamp

The CEO of an established 10-year old health and wellness company was frustrated that, while successful, the company was in a holding pattern in attracting clients and increasing profits. She felt her team of 25 was coasting with only a few members really contributing. We did a 3-day bootcamp where we realigned team’s effectiveness and proficiency as well as developed a 6- month action plan. The CEO was ecstatic with the significant transformations that occurred. During the 6-months after the bootcamp, they worked as a finely-oiled synergistic team. Company productivity improved, client conversion increased by 25 percent and profitability increased by more than 35 percent. The CEO requested another boot-camp to expedite them to the next level of transformation.

Donna, CEO, Health & Wellness Company