The Mastermind Edge

Few people achieve anything great alone. The Mastermind Edge consists of “Power Groups” that utilize a collaborative support-network approach to help members, like you, realize win-grow scenarios, individually and collectively.

  • Laser Intensive Power Group
    (6 or 12 months)

    Few people accomplish anything great alone and more than 90% of people die with their inner song still trapped in them. You don’t want your life story to be part of this statistic. A Power Group like no other, this group is built to be supportive, diverse, and like-minded, where each member is vital and valued. Lead either by Dr. Ulwyn or a selected group leader, group members set key individual goals and challenge each other to reach these outcomes, while providing peer-support. You lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. You are not alone during this 6- or 12- month program, as you navigate the ebbs and flows of life.

Case Study

  • An established entrepreneur of a transportation company struggled for months to land a major contract. We assisted him in stepping out of his comfort zone and going after contracts he typically was reluctant to pursue. After 2 weeks of participating in our coaching series, he identified a potential opportunity and after 6 weeks he secured a contract with a major hotel chain, allowing him to expand his company nationwide. *

    (Anthony, President, Transportation)
  • Our company also excels at conflict resolution. A large family-owned business was in disarray after the death of the father. We worked with key stakeholders to resolve existing conflicts and transformed the company to higher levels of financial and human capital prosperity. The company experienced a 33% increase in productivity and profitability within a three-month period. *

    (ECO, Family Owned Construction Company)


  • "Dr. Ulwyn Pierre helps us learn the human intangibles: how to genuinely honor ourselves at our highest and best, without compromise, with gratitude and balance.  Then we are able to give honor to others, provide safety and acknowledgement so they can flourish without fear of reprisal.  This gentle certainty, this fierce compassion, the inner compass that points towards destiny and legacy worthy of our time on Earth –  that is the long-denied essence of myself that I have finally learned to reveal and live from because of my work with Dr. Ulwyn Pierre.”

    (Linda, Producer/Host, Atomic Hotseat)