The Individual Edge

The Individual Edge consists of programs and services designed to effectively address challenges that are unique to you, the individual. You get to be a dynamic force, living the fulfilling life you have dreamed of.

  • VIP One-day Laser Intensive (1 day)

    A virtual or in-person VIP intensive where you want to make transformational breakthroughs over a short period of time. You choose your one key challenge or problem you want to focus on. Depending on the nature of the challenge, at the end of the day you will have either resolved the problem or acquired the skills to engage in implementing solutions.

    More VIP days can be requested to address additional challenges or problems.

Case Study

  • "For 30 years, a leading executive of an established accounting firm suffered from chronic worry that negatively impacted his desired effectiveness. Within a one-day VIP intensive, he was able to deal with major issues that he kept avoiding. He described his experience as life changing and his second most momentous experience, the first of which was the birth of his child."

    (Client, Managing Partner, Large Established Accounting Firm.)


  • “After seeing a psychologist for about 8 years, unsuccessfully dealing with my insecurity issues and not feeling I was good enough, I was very skeptical that a 6-hour session with you would make the slightest difference. By hour two, with your no-nonsense approach and unwavering commitment, I had successfully and finally understood the root of my worry and self-limiting beliefs. By the end of the 6-hours, I left feeling very confident and relieved and with a practiced plan of action. In the days that followed, my colleagues noticed a change in me since I was able to get my office organized, complete tasks that I had been procrastinating about and even successfully dealt with a serious issue that I had refused to address for a while. My session with you was absolutely phenomenal, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your belief in me and not letting me give up when it got challenging.”

    Senior Executive, Major Finance Company
  • Private One-on-One Coaching Program
    (6 or 12 months)

    Most of the time your challenges are private or sensitive in nature and you want to achieve privacy or anonymity. This includes the established or experienced entrepreneur/business owner who is challenged and wants to turn things around. This is a 6- or 12-month guided journey/program, customized for you achieving your specified desired outcomes, using tools, timely targeted strategies, and practical applications. You become a dynamic force to be reckoned with, producing sustainable results that not only maximize your potential but also your business or career success. These sessions are a mixture of face-to-face and phone/video chat sessions.

Case Study

  • After years of ineffective action, the CEO of this Innovation Technology Company did not know what was standing in the way of his success. Working with us allowed him to uncover key hidden challenges and their causes that negatively impacted his business and permeated all aspects of his life. He attributes having worked with us and the clarity and insights gained to have allowed him to successfully and aggressively tackle each aspect of his business and personal life to great success.*  

    (Sylvester, CEO, Innovation Technology)


  • "Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the most powerful and dynamic coach I have ever experienced. She makes me face difficult truths without mincing words, yet with compassionate honesty.  She operates at a level of integrity, intensity, and drive that is laudable.  She always demands the best from me and all her clients, thereby motivating us to maximize our true potential.  In the process, we learn what it means to be outstanding.  There is a certainty I get from her energy field that is infectious and makes me know that I am doing the right thing."

    (Debbie, CEO, Major Communications Company)
  • "What an awesome coach you are. When I think of the special few that have the natural ability to motivate, encourage, challenge support, teach and inspire, I think of you. You made a difference in my career and in my life."

    (Executive Management, Information Technology Administration One of the top three Insurance Companies in the U.S)
  • "She is a leader of leaders, truly exceptional in her insights and uncompromising in her standard of excellence, who brings a sense of joy to what I am doing.  She is the kind of bell tone that clients have been listening for that we have either misplaced or have not quite yet discovered.  You will be fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Ulwyn, so seize the opportunity to be great.”      

    (CEO, Established Entrepreneur, Communications Company)