The Destiny Edge

Legacy Living and conquering new summits of personal and professional possibility add meaning and relevance to one’s life. The Destiny Edge is a private, small group, 3- to 5-day retreat in a beautiful and supportive environment that lends itself to us engaging in experiential activities that reinforce learning, creating transformations and of course, having fun.

  • Small Power Group
    (3 to 5 days)

    Let’s get to another level of resourcefulness with you and like-minded individuals. In this advance offering, the focus here is more about legacy living, where you push the envelope of your possibilities ever further. You will benefit from the support of not only, your trusted advisor, Dr. Ulwyn, but also have the correct people in your corner, achieving the level of genuine success and impact you have longed for. This retreat is experiential, interactive, and in a selective environment that lends itself to practice, application, and reinforcement, a transformational journey that is worth every minute of your time, effort and investment.

Case Study

  • A Private group of CEOs and senior executives requested assistance in being clearer and more energized about the important next steps to take in their lives. They had already made significant contributions and had impact in their companies but felt stuck because they wanted to have a more meaningful impact that lighted their fire, making them excited for what lies ahead. For this group, we held a destiny retreat at a lavish resort, uniquely appropriate for experiential endeavors and to push the envelope of possibilities. They left the retreat revved-up, not only clearly being able to articulate their true-life purpose and Vision (and committed to their realization), but also clear about the legacy they want to live and leave. They shared their gratitude to getting a new group of supportive like-minded individuals as well as an invigorating and fulfilling lease on life, they’re going to live full out.


  • Sometimes we think we are on-top of everything because of the magnitude of our success. This retreat was a welcomed wake-up call for me. Dr. Ulwyn, the ingenious way this program was laid out, allowed me to experience learning, interaction and application in a creative way, that I did not expect. I gained greater insight into me and the unique possibilities that are available to me to achieve what I had secretly longed to do.  Connecting and working with other colleagues also provided us with the opportunity to make whatever we desired, but was beginning to doubt ourselves, an achievable reality. I am humbled by this experience.  You get me! 

    (CEO, Prominent Insurance Company)