The BootCamp Edge

Knowledge is power, but without action is futile. The Boot Camp Edge consists of specified project-based interactive, experiential group activities and experiences that are completed within a short, set time frame.

  • Laser Intensive Boot Camps (3 to 5 days)

    Since together you achieve more, this program is designed for companies, organizations, associations, and groups that want their staff to cover issues comprehensively, master skills, and get tangible experience within a very short period of time. This program is held at off-site locations and generally requires a minimum of 3 days (2 nights).

    • For large groups, the composition typically ranges from middle to upper-level leaders.
    • For small groups, the composition is typically senior level leaders and executives.
    • For associations and other groups, the leaders of those entities determine the nature of the composition of the group.

    The duration is determined between the client and consultant to make sure that client needs can be met, and desired outcomes can be achieved within the agreed upon timeline.

Case Study

  • The CEO of an established 10-year old health and wellness company was frustrated that, while successful, the company was in a holding pattern in attracting clients and increasing profits. She felt her team of 25 was coasting with only a few members really contributing. We did a 3-day bootcamp where we realigned team’s effectiveness and proficiency as well as developed a 6- month action plan. The CEO was ecstatic with the significant transformations that occurred. During the 6-months after the bootcamp, they worked as a finely-oiled synergistic team. Company productivity improved, client conversion increased by 25 percent and profitability increased by more than 35 percent. The CEO requested another boot-camp to expedite them to the next level of transformation. 

    (Donna, CEO, Health & Wellness Company)


  • "This bootcamp was much more than I could have imagined.  I got the opportunity to gain insights as well as apply them in a situation, thereby allowing me to hone in and reinforce what I learned.  Though challenging, I was able to push past some fears that have sabotaged my progress.  Thanks for allowing me to be a better leader and person, than when I first got here. I know I am able to rock my life. "

    (James, Vice President, Finance Company)