Part 2: Food For Thought and Enlightenment – The Impact Self-sabotaging Habits Have on Your Life, Your Career and Unfortunately, on Others.

When we speak about self-sabotaging habits, we’re typically focusing on areas such as procrastination, over-eating, drug and alcohol abuse, hiding our emotions or being in dysfunctional romantic relationships. My intent with this article, is to focus less on the main stream habits and redirect our thinking to those areas that aren’t typically thought about or discussed.

For the past 25+ years, I have been working and speaking with high achievers from all walks of life who have displayed types of self-sabotaging habits. These habits not only have a negative impact on themselves and their effectiveness, but also cause harm and demise to those in their orbit. Their orbit includes those who they lead, serve, as well as had a say in their career progression and success.

It is critical that we are cognizant of our thoughts, perspectives, limiting-beliefs, opinions, isms that unconsciously have a negative and many times debilitating impact on our quality of life. We owe it to ourselves and others to be responsible for our own self-sabotaging actions and/or non-actions. In turn, keeping silent in the face of negative behavior, is just as bad as having the habit yourself.

When a habit is demonstrated deliberately or even unwittingly, it still leaves you as well as others to be a victim of your actions and can ultimately lead to serious negative consequences. So here is an example of a self-sabotaging habit, that is not typically discussed or addressed.

This blog comes as a 5-part series. As you read through each of them, read with heartfelt honesty and reflection, and discern if you see your behavior and actions in any of them, because “when you know better … you do better” (Mya Angelou).

Not reaching out for guidance, even more so the RIGHT guidance, when needed.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein). For too many, reaching out for guidance is typically seen as a weakness. But it takes a strong and courageous individual to recognize when they need assistance. It takes an even stronger and more purpose driven individual to take positive action (whatever it takes) and reach out for guidance. However, to fully resolve their circumstance and move forward in the correct direction for their life and career, it is necessary to get the RIGHT guidance.

What is the RIGHT guidance? It is the assistance needed that will get you the results that are the most beneficial to you, depending on your situation or circumstance. For instance, you may have challenges with your business taxes, and you heard that Mr. Jones is the “best accountant in town” and you hire him, only to realize he doesn’t specialize in business taxes. You have reached out for guidance, but not the RIGHT guidance. The RIGHT guidance would be the “best accountant in town” who specializes in business taxes.

The beautiful reality that is normally kept under wraps, is that you were born with all you need to be successful. You are a limitless and an unstoppable human being, and what is needed from you, is to re-awaken your innate genius and powerful assets.  If you are not making that happen, then you need to get the RIGHT assistance to make that your reality.  You owe it you to be your masterpiece.

Don’t let these self-sabotaging habits rob you of being your best self. So, live authentically and full out, celebrate your successes, love boldly, and serve genuinely, Respect the freedom of others, and, of course, have fun doing it.  It is a Win-Win Combination.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains,
but to live in a way that respects and enhances [your freedom and]
the freedom of others.”
~ Nelson Mandela

(Part 2 of 5)

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without taking action is pointless. I am challenging you to “Take Action” so you benefit from the knowledge you gain.

Please answer the questions below. You can share your answers with others in the “Comment” box. By sharing, you get the opportunity to network, communicate and mingle. In doing so, you develop and create a real and supportive community.  Mother Teresa so aptly puts it, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can caste a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” So, let’s create positive ripples. (Note: If you do not wish to share your answers publicly, then you can send them to me at

With heartfelt honesty, please answer the following two (2) questions:

If you exhibit this habit, what do you plan to stop doing, continue doing, and/or start doing to successfully eliminate this current self-sabotaging habit? If you do not exhibit this habit, what would you advise someone who exhibits this habit to stop doing, continue doing, and/or start doing?

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