To guide high achievers in re-awakening their innate freedom so they live in the full expression of their genius and legacy, positively impacting the communities they influence on a global scale.


Embracing Freedom Global

For more than 25 years Embracing Freedom Global has worked with a vast number of high achievers globally, in the confidential arena. Now we have chosen to take on a new challenge, moving from the confidential space to having a bigger and more profound impact worldwide.

Dr. Ulwyn has chosen to build her company as a global movement, guiding high achievers (established, emerging and aspiring) to be their best self and live their best life, enjoying true personal, professional, and financial fulfillment that has eluded them for far too long.

Embracing Freedom Global uses the time-tested and proven Hunomics Edge® Platform as the core foundation of everything it does. Clients results include increased revenues by as much as 47 percent in 90 days (Food Services), generated ROIs as high as 375 percent in 12 months (Insurance), and increased profits by 82 percent in as little as 11 months (Finance). 

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