Meet Dr. Ulwyn, Founder and CEO of Embracing Freedom Global.

For more than 25 years, she has been a trailblazer in the confidential arena, working with a vast number of high achievers globally, to create powerful breakthroughs and transformational change in their lives and careers. They, in turn, have a positive ripple effect on the lives and business of others. Now, she has chosen to take on a new challenge, moving from the confidential space into the public arena to make a bigger and more profound impact on a larger public, worldwide.

A professional speaker, author and former radio host, she speaks on living your true freedom, which is your birthright. She is an internationally recognized authority and published author, serving as professional speaker and trusted mentor to global leaders, Fortune 500 executives, established entrepreneurs, ambassadors and government ministers, representing 20 countries.

Using her proven Hunomics Edge® Practice, which is the core foundation of everything the company does, she has successfully guided high achievers from crises to success and from expected to exceptional, in record time, creating outstanding results they had considered unachievable or beyond their reach. Her clients view her as their “secret weapon” and “differential advantage” to remarkable success.

Dr. Ulwyn is a global influencer and thought leader, with unbridled courage and uncompromising excellence.  With Dr. Ulwyn, you learn to Lead Without Limits framed by her mantra, “Meaningful Success Is The ONLY Option.” Her infectious laugh, sense of humor, and riveting stories capture your imagination and heart and as one of her clients so aptly puts it, “Dr. Ulwyn provides you with the Oxygen to be great. When she speaks others listen.”

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Speaking from the Stage Engagements

Dr. Ulwyn’s speaking engagements are experiential by design, and serve to set the tone, providing the framework for a group to maximize gains from an event as well as leave the audience with an empowering experience to actualize in real life. These engagements can take the form of keynoting at the launching of initiatives or institutions, at conferences, and to professional or non-profit groups, as well as speaking on behalf of companies to their employees or leadership to get faster buy-in. They also serve to summarize the core take home messages as part of a closing ceremony. These speaking engagements are typically requested by companies, organizations, groups, and individuals that need expertise in certain areas of interest. They can be delivered as a one-time event or a series of events.

Workshops and Seminars

Our workshops and seminars exceed clients’ expectations by providing real life application, giving them an opportunity to share ideas, have open discussion, receive fresh perspectives, gain new insights and address weaknesses, to reignite their motivation and enhance performance. They cut across company hierarchical levels, most of the time being provided to mid-level leaders and higher. They are offered to diverse audiences in various venues such as companies, associations, professional groups, conferences, and non-profits. They can be a one-time event or a series on diverse issues of most pressing concern and interest or when there is a clear focus and narrowly defined skill acquisition.

Re-engineering You

Be the Architectof Your Own Success TM

Who are you? Who do you desire to be? What do you truly desire for your life? The answers to these questions form your core foundation, so you can be your best self and live your best life now. You will discover how to value yourself; understand what motivates you; how to increase confidence, live your life purpose, fulfill your chosen destiny and enjoy an enriched and fulfilled life. The Key to Re-engineering YOU begin and ends with YOU.


Wow, what a powerful and timely message. You penetrated my soul and sprit with your powerful message that reinforced the importance of me owning me. I learned that I am the one who determines who I am and what I want for my life. All my life I felt that something was missing. You provided me with some important tools to get to the substance of who I am and leverage that to my own benefit. I implemented everything you said and it worked. You are amazing, and I hope you know how powerful you are. Thank you for being you, for real.

Leadership - Success - and You TM

It is critical to understand the important relationship between Leadership and Success, with YOU being the central and most important player in your life, our business, and your advancement. To lead others effectively, you have to be effective at leading yourself, first. This means to be firmly rooted in the core essence of who you are. Thus, you will learn about your innate leadership abilities and potential and how to best leverage them. And, gain insight into finding and living that best you as well as clarity on charting your best course to a meaningful life, personally and professionally.


I was mesmerized by the power of your message and the way you were able to hold everyone’s attention throughout your entire presentation. I could have heard a pin drop. I was amazed at how you gracefully and skillfully integrated the concepts with practical application. We not only got the learning but also experienced how to execute and the impact it can have on us and who we work with. Dr. Ulwyn, you are one of a kind, and I hope you realize the significance of your messages and the way it creeps up in us and gains resonance within us.

The Stress-Factor in Change

A Leader’s Choice TM

Leaders and managers tend to take a reactive approach when dealing with stress. Most of the time, this only leads to a temporary fix, impeding effective performance. Dr. Ulwyn uses her proactive approach to deal effectively with the root causes of stress, so you remain in control of your life, avoiding the potential risks of that silent killer called stress.


Your presentations cause individuals to rethink their strategies, attitudes, and demeanor. But the real test was in how the audience was actually impacted. It was amazing to see how absorbed and engaged they were, especially as you got more straight forward and to the point, not mincing words. They were really enthralled at your insightfulness, boldness and nontraditional nature of the solutions you shared and were excited as to the type of results they got, when the solutions were implemented.