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  • High Achievers are a large group of people from all walks of life. In this group they are either established, emerging or aspiring and are driven to achieve and sustain something they believe is vitally important to them and thus self-motivated.
  • Commitment is the bedrock of success. I love working with high achievers because their commitment and passion creates a compelling platform crucial to their success, powerfully positioned to cause a positive ripple effect on the lives of others and in the world.
  • Legacy and social responsibility become an authentic part of their consciousness, sharing what they have learned with the world now and leaving indelible footprints for generations to come.
  • I grew up in a family of authentic leaders where I witnessed and lived the “magic” of leadership and transformation and the infinite good that comes from it, for the individual, for the career, and for the world. I can remember silently saying to myself, “YES! That is the ‘magic’ I want to make happen in the world” – something that was reinforced and deeply resonated with me throughout the years.
  • Facilitating empowered, meaningful, and sustainable change in people’s lives and careers (the magic of transformation), is what I have been doing for the last 20+ years, globally, with my clients achieving remarkable and sustainable success.
  • The “Silent Epidemic” – A vast number of high achievers, globally, have either plateaued and see no way out, or despite their financial and material successes are unhappy with their life and career. For both groups, there is this gnawing feeling that something fundamentally important is missing from their lives for which they crave – a life that matters most to them; one of fulfillment, meaning, and abundance.
  • It is about mindset. We have been sold a bill of goods that more is better and a many of these high achievers, have fully embraced it, much to their detriment.
  • We have been sold that money is the highlight of profitability and happiness. However, in reality, profitability is about the “Human” (e.g. ideas and insights, relationships and connections, culture and well-being) as well as the money. The only way to be TRULY profitable, is to benefit from all of its aspects.
  • Most of us are not truly profitable. This is because we have unwittingly fallen in line with society’s norm of consistently working hard, totally wrapped up on what we are “doing” and “having” at the expense of “being” who we authentically are, to achieve the success and fulfillment we want in our lives.
  • These predicaments is the silent epidemic that is robbing people of their personal, professional and financial wellbeing and fulfillment.
  • I have chosen to take up the mantle to continue to successfully assist in addressing this challenge that is growing at epidemic proportions, globally, and that continues to be shrouded in shame and blame. I do this by using the time-tested and proven the Hunomics EdgeTM
  • I am best suited to guide high achievers (g. C-Suite and senior executives, global leaders, established entrepreneurs, and government officials, globally) to solve their key problems not only because of my rich, educational and professional background and expertise, but also of my success track record.
  • For more than two decades I have worked in the confidential arena, with remarkable results, assisting clients in addressing key persisting business and personal challenges that high achievers face and continue to elude them.
  • They consistently enjoy true, authentic success, they thought impossible or beyond their reach. They relish their new or renewed value and sustainability of results, thanks to the innovative and transformational nature of this time-tested and proven Hunomics EdgeTM Practice that I created.
  • To this end, I guarantee my clients certainty of results, as long as they follow my guidance and do whatever it takes to make it happen for them – we both must be committed to take decisive action and have skin in the game of transformational breakthroughs.
  • The Hunomic’s EdgeTM Practice serves as a client’s personal Blueprint to Authentic Living, Exceptional Leadership, and Financial Freedom.
  • It is a proven step-by-step integrative and holistic methodology/practice  stemming from the HunomicsTM philosophy. This practice is customized to meet your specific and diverse needs. We use this practice to encourage and assist high achievers to tap into their innate freedom and genius as they commit and take action to live their purpose driven life, they thought was impossible or beyond their reach.
  • It consistently produces quantifiable, outstanding, sustainable results regardless of industry, discipline, geography, position, and/or specific situation. (Learn more – click on Testimonials and Case Studies).
  • Though the Hunomics EdgeTM is a Practice, it is undeniably a lived experience and journey in which you get to re-story your life. It’s a process that allows you to reclaim, reframe, rebuild, live from a sense of resilience, find your relevance, reliability and resourcefulness. First, we will stop the bleeding, so you aren’t paralyzed by the pain and can start your journey toward success and fulfillment with hope. We develop and implement a customized plan of action for you, so it is a certainty that you will discover your inner genius and be that unstoppable and limitless you, you were born to be. Once this happens, you will begin to transform your life, being your best self and living your best life, now, by fully tapping into your innate freedom. This freedom is your right, not a gift.
  • My compelling passion is for me to be the positive change I want to see in my life and in the world, this calls for a lot of purpose driven courageous commitment that I choose to strengthen, demonstrate, and live.
  • I have lived through some very challenging times, have survived and even thrived. I could remember feeling I was living in a bottomless pit, sucking me in. I, including all of us, were created to be our best self and to live our best life now, so I decided that the words, “can’t, quitting, perhaps, maybe, try and if,” were no longer going to be part of my psyche or inner voice or language. Thus, it was critical for me to put my commitment meter on high.
  • You see, I have also seen too many people experience atrocities, unfairness, and destruction done to them (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically) as well as their families and even communities. I could easily have been one of these statistics.  That reality triggered in me, the need and passion to address some of that pain and devastation in the best way I can.  If I sit back and do nothing, I am just as guilty of the ones who do harm.
  • So out of this caring mushroomed the nature of the work I have been doing for the past 20+ years and the creation of the Hunomics EdgeTM Practice. The Embracing Freedom team and I are committed to our clients experiencing the magic of transformation (optimism). They learn that in re-storying yesterday’s decisions, it makes a positive impact for tomorrow’s outcomes (resilience). In so doing, they re-define the meaning of profitability as they experience resourcefulness, in healthy, fulfilling and wealthy ways.
  • The implementation of this practice has led to a vast number of people achieving unprecedent success that facilitated them living a fulfilling and meaningful life and positively impacting lives of others.
  • The reality is I am a human being like everybody else, and thus I am perfectly imperfect, because the only time one is perfect, is when they are perfectly dead.
  • I experience all of these emotions. However, knowing that life is short and there is no re-do, I am emboldened to treasure every moment of my life, and focus on me living the life I was born to live.
  • I have chosen to learn vital lessons from each challenge I encounter and/or overcome (not an easy task). I have also chosen to live in gratitude for being able to do the work I am very passionate about, making a positive imprint in my life and in the lives of others, around the world. The times that I slip, I have a short pity-party then get back up and keep on going.
  • If I allow myself to remain angry because of setbacks or what others have done, that means I am allowing the perpetrator(s) to win. Choosing to fill the role of victim and letting others destroy me, would mean that I am violating my freedom of choice to be my best self and live my best life – definitely not part of my life’s agenda.
  • Beliefs and my demonstration of the following: Dedicated Excellence, Purpose-Driven Courageous Commitment, Genuine Caring, Heartfeltly Direct, Practically Collaborative, Positively Disruptive, Sense of Humor, Spiritually Grounded, Profoundly Insightful, and Provides Certainty.
  • Additionally, philosophies that guide my behavior and business include. “Meaningful Success Is the Only Option,” “We Do It Right the First Time,” “Make Your Life Your Choice – Choose You!” and “Make You Your Number One Priority, But Not Your Only Priority.”

In working with clients in the confidential consulting arena, for more than 20 years, I have made a commitment to keep their names, associated titles and companies, confidential and will continue to do so. All data, testimonials and case studies are real and true occurrences.  However, changes have been made to such things as names with associated titles, companies, industry type and geography. In no way do these alterations change or distort the evidence or circumstance, the transformation that occurred, the outcomes achieved, or the benefits realized.