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  • I love working with high achievers because their commitment and passion create a compelling platform crucial to their success, powerfully positioned to cause a positive ripple effect on the lives of others and in the world.
  • Legacy and social responsibility become an authentic part of their consciousness, sharing what they have learned with the world now and leaving indelible footprints for generations to come.
  • I grew up in a family of authentic leaders where I witnessed and lived the “magic” of leadership, as well as the transformation and the infinite good that comes from it…for the individual…for their career…and for the world.

  • The “Silent Epidemic” means that globally, a vast number of high achievers hide their pain, overwhelm, and angst because they have either plateaued or see no way out. Despite their financial and material successes they remain unhappy with their lives and careers. For both groups, there is this gnawing feeling that something fundamentally important is missing from their lives.
  • As I witnessed people in distress coming to my father for advice and leaving happy, I realized I wanted to perform that type of magic as well. In my teens I recognized that many high achievers were dealing with imposter syndrome, which didn’t make any sense to me. I became very attuned to what was going on which led me to pursue a career in education, transformational leadership, and business. For more than two decades I have successfully worked with C-Suite and senior executives, global leaders, established entrepreneurs, and government officials who have achieved unprecedented results.
  • The Hunomics Edge® Practice serves as a client’s personal Blueprint to Authentic Living, Exceptional Leadership, and Financial Freedom.
  • It is a proven step-by-step integrative and holistic methodology stemming from the Hunomics® philosophy. This practice is customizable to meet specific and diverse needs.
  • It consistently produces quantifiable, outstanding, and sustainable results regardless of industry, discipline, geography, position, and/or specific situation.  Learn more – click on Testimonials and Case Studies.
  • I have seen too many people experience atrocities, unfairness, and destruction done to them (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically) as well as their families and even communities. I could easily have been one of those statistics. That reality triggered in me the need and passion to address some of that pain and devastation in the best way I can. If I sit back and do nothing, I am just as guilty as the ones who do harm.
  • The reality is I am human and thus I am perfectly imperfect. I believe that the only time one is perfect, is when they are perfectly dead.
  • I have short pity-parties, then I get back up and keep on going.
  • If I allow myself to remain angry because of setbacks or what others have done, that means I am allowing the perpetrator(s) to win. Choosing to fill the role of victim and letting others destroy me would mean that I am violating my freedom of choice, definitely not part of my life’s agenda.
  • I believe in Dedicated Excellence, Purpose-Driven-Courageous Commitment, Genuine Caring, and a Practical Collaborative. I also believe in being Positively Disruptive and Spiritually Grounded.

Both. It depends on the nature of the situation and the needs of the client. I enjoy working in person, with teams, as well as presenting at events.

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