Folderit Offers a Virtual Data Room for Startups to Conduct Investor Due Diligence

For startup founders due diligence is an essential element in their process of raising capital. Unlike sharing files via email an online data room allows founders to have complete control over the information they share with investors. Using Folderit startups, founders can ensure that their investors receive only the files they need to view and nothing more.

The content of an investor data room for a startup differs based on the industry. But, they generally include documents that are relevant to due diligence. A life science firm, for instance must include details about HIPAA compliance and clinical test results. These documents are typically too large to be sent via email. A virtual data room is the best way to share these documents with investors.

Investors conduct due diligence in order to assess a startup’s success potential and reduce their risk. having all the information they need in one place speeds up the process and makes it easier for them to make a choice. It also shows that the founders take their investors’ time seriously, which is important for the majority of backers.

Because investors have limited budgets, it’s important for startups to choose a provider that offers a flat fee structure. Startups who are still fundraising benefit from the per-page pricing offered for text documents which is significantly less than a subscription-based model that offers unlimited storage and users. Also, a free trial is a great opportunity for startup founders to try their service, practice reenacting their presentations with their investors and outline document organization layouts.

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