Embracing Freedom Global? Why this company name?

Why name my company “Embracing Freedom Global” you ask? Let me tell you…

The name “Embracing Freedom” is not only a company name, but also used as a recurring concept that is based on “The Paradox of ‘The Box’” theory.

I was taught that living life “In the Box” or in your comfort zone, is living a limited life.  It is also typically taught that one should live life “Outside the Box” so they are not limited. However, I have learned that living “outside the box” still allows limits to be imposed on oneself because “The Box” still exists.  So, because of this reality, I have operated with a keen knowingness that True Innate Freedom is where there is “No Box.”

Likewise, I firmly believe that freedom is a right and not a gift.  Therefore, I owe it to myself to exercise that right, which very few of us choose.  Instead, most of us unwittingly give it up to society’s definition of success, accompanied trappings, norms, values, isms, which leave us being held hostage, and a victim of our circumstance.  Because of this, we are left with angst in our soul, disappointed and unfulfilled, wanting something more meaningful than the successes we have achieved.

Unfortunately, we continue to look for the freedom we crave outside of ourselves, only to pivot into more pain and into some other option we believe will get us to that freedom. Inadvertently, we are still being guided by society’s definition of success and other external trappings.

This way of living is growing at epidemic proportions, to the extent that more than 90% of people (globally) die, with regret that their unique inner song is still trapped within them. For me, it is mandatory we break this cycle of discontent, frustration and not let our story (our life) be part of this statistic.

I heartfully believe that since one of our innate gifts, as human beings, is freedom of choice, it is vitally important that we claim ownership of our life and be in the driver’s seat, deciding on our destination and the path we are going to take.

As a result, my life’s work is focused on guiding others to embrace and live a life where there is “no box” and to uncover their unique gifts and inner genius that they never knew existed or unwittingly ignored, thereby claiming their innate freedom. Hence my company’s name “Embracing Freedom Global.”

When you work with me, you re-story your life, breaking free of “the box” and by embracing your innate freedom, you get to be your best self and live your best life now.  In this way, you cause a positive and life changing ripple effect on the lives of others and their business/career, compelling them to live now “on Purpose” and “on Legacy,” thus leaving indelible footprints for generations to come.

It is incumbent on us to be the positive change we want to see in ourselves and in a world, that so desperately needs us.

The change starts in you and with you. It is your life, so choose your best life! 

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without taking action is pointless. I am challenging you to “Take Action” so you benefit from the knowledge you gain.

Please answer the questions below. You can share your answers with others in the “Comment” box. By sharing, you get the opportunity to network, communicate and mingle. In doing so, you develop and create a real and supportive community.  Mother Teresa so aptly puts it, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can caste a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” So, let’s create positive ripples. (Note: If you do not wish to share your answers publicly, then you can send them to me at Private@EmbracingFreedom.com.)

With heartfelt honesty, please answer the following two (2) questions:

Living a life of true freedom – what would that look like for you? What are the two most important actions you plan to take to live that life of true freedom?

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