Meet Dr. Ulwyn Pierre, Founder and CEO of Embracing Freedom Global. True Freedom and Authentic Success is her passion and with her you learn to Lead Without Limits, framed by her mantra, “Meaningful Success Is The ONLY Option.”

She grew up witnessing powerful leadership and life transformations, from those in demanding jobs, stress-filled situations and those dealing with other struggles in their life. She had always been mesmerized by the quick positive change that happened in people’s lives and careers/work. It seemed like magic. So, she has been driven to do the same, globally, aiming to be the positive change in a world, that so desperately needs us.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Ulwyn has been a trailblazer, working globally, in the private arena with high achievers in challenging and stress-filled jobs. Using her time-tested and proven solution, the Hunomics Edge® Practice, she helped them create powerful breakthroughs and transformational change in their lives and careers. They moved from crises to success and from expected to exceptional, in record time, helping them achieve outstanding results they had considered unachievable or beyond their reach. They regained their passion, excitement and sense of fulfillment about their life, business/career, living their best life.

She is known in the private arena, as an internationally recognized authority and published author, serving as professional speaker and trusted mentor to global leaders, C-Suite and senior executives, established entrepreneurs, ambassadors and government ministers, representing more than 12 countries.

Their results include increased revenues by as much as 47 percent in 90 days (Food Services), generated ROIs as high as 375 percent in 12 months (Insurance), and increased profits by 82 percent in as little as 11 months (Finance). More measurable outcomes are reflected in client case studies and testimonials on the “Successes” page.

Leaders with whom Dr. Ulwyn has worked refer to her as their “secret weapon” and “differential advantage.” She is steadfast in the belief, freedom is a right and not a gift. Her infectious laugh, sense of humor, and riveting stories capture your imagination and heart.

What Are HerAccomplishments

  • For Dr. Ulwyn, seeing the outstanding results that were cultivated from her work with leaders in the private arena through the years, she decided to now move into the public arena. In this public space, the silent struggle, need and frustrations to live a professionally impactful life as well as a personally meaningful life are even more apparent, making this struggle even more deafening.
  • Her rich holistic background and experience facilitated the development of her 25+ year time-tested Hunomics® philosophy. From this philosophy emerged her proven Hunomics Edge® Practice that serves as a client’s personal Blueprint to Authentic Living, Exceptional Leadership, and Financial Freedom. It is a customized step-by-step integrative methodology that produces quantifiable, outstanding, sustainable results regardless of industry, discipline, geography, position, and/or specific situation. It allows clients to embrace and operate from a platform of optimism and resilience for resourcefulness, that is holistically profitable, with them living their best life now.
  • Dr. Ulwyn holds a Doctorate in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and an M.B.A. in Organizational Management and Marketing, both from Columbia University, New York. She also earned a B.A. Honors in Statistics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Guelph, Canada.
  • As a visiting professor at DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, she taught “Facilitating Organizational Change” and at Benedictine University, in Naperville, IL she taught “Change Agent: A New Leader For Change” at the master’s level.
  • Dr. Ulwyn is a global influencer and thought leader, with unbridled courage and uncompromising excellence. People who meet her instantly feel her genuine caring, passion, and commitment is for real. As one of her clients so aptly puts it, “Dr. Ulwyn provides you with the Oxygen to be great.”