It is crucial to select the right antivirus software for your phone, computer tablet, and other devices in order to shield your devices from cyber threats. Finding the right tool can be difficult, especially with so many options available.

To assist, we’ve designed an instrument that lets you compare antivirus software programs in terms of their protection, performance and false positives scores. You can filter results by metric or brand name, or you can look up price. You can also sort the top-selling antivirus products based on the ratings of the customers, or the number devices that can be protected for the lowest price.

The overall winner of this review is Bitdefender that offers watertight malware prevention with a great variety of additional security features. Its AV Test lab scores are among the best possible and it offers great value for money.

Norton LifeLock, a well-respected Internet Security service that works on Macs and PCs, is another excellent choice. Its subscriptions come with a dependable VPN along with online banking defenses and password managers.

McAfee is a different strong competitor, offering comprehensive security solutions for businesses through its SecureAnywhere product. The desktop and mobile applications are simple to use and consume minimal computer resources, while its cloud-based checkers help keep track of malware lists.

Boardrooms are important spaces for collaboration, whether they’re large conference rooms for quarterly meetings or smaller huddle areas to brainstorm ideas and projects. These spaces are only as efficient as the technology they contain.

Meetings can be unproductive for a variety of reasons. Many times, these unsuccessful meetings result from a lack of the right workplace technology. But, there are numerous trends in boardroom technology that can make meetings more productive and collaborative.

Secure tools for collaboration and communication are among the most crucial technologies for boards. These tools will ensure that board members can effectively collaborate and communicate with each other regardless of location or platform. Secure tools also assist in reduce the risk of cyber attacks that could be caused by communication methods like email, messaging apps and web conferencing platforms.

Video conference hardware is another common trend in the field of boardroom technology. It offers superior audio and visual experience. The latest displays can provide 4K UHD resolution which is essential for providing clear images and clear audio. They can also be equipped with noise-canceling microphones that can eliminate distractions. A robust scheduling software for meeting rooms can simplify the process for the reservation of conference spaces, which reduces errors and keeps participants updated.

Additionally, interactive whiteboards are important for collaborative creativity and brainstorming. The most recent digital whiteboards are simple to use and feature pre-installed apps that allow users to quickly create and share content. For instance BenQ’s EZWrite software suite lets you make easy annotation and information search making them a great option for hybrid meetings with remote audience members.

For startup founders due diligence is an essential element in their process of raising capital. Unlike sharing files via email an online data room allows founders to have complete control over the information they share with investors. Using Folderit startups, founders can ensure that their investors receive only the files they need to view and nothing more.

The content of an investor data room for a startup differs based on the industry. But, they generally include documents that are relevant to due diligence. A life science firm, for instance must include details about HIPAA compliance and clinical test results. These documents are typically too large to be sent via email. A virtual data room is the best way to share these documents with investors.

Investors conduct due diligence in order to assess a startup’s success potential and reduce their risk. having all the information they need in one place speeds up the process and makes it easier for them to make a choice. It also shows that the founders take their investors’ time seriously, which is important for the majority of backers.

Because investors have limited budgets, it’s important for startups to choose a provider that offers a flat fee structure. Startups who are still fundraising benefit from the per-page pricing offered for text documents which is significantly less than a subscription-based model that offers unlimited storage and users. Also, a free trial is a great opportunity for startup founders to try their service, practice reenacting their presentations with their investors and outline document organization layouts.

If you’re a Chrome, Firefox or Edge user you probably don’t give a second thought to alternative web browsers. Avast Secure is a great choice if you want a browser that places a lot of emphasis on security and privacy. The Chromium browser includes a click-reference VPN as well as an ad blocker, among other features.

Its advertising blocker lets you alter the settings and allow strict blocking mode to keep out even the most persistent ads. It also supports the uBlock Origin plug-in, which provides dynamic filters and third-party lists to help you manage your ads. Its phishing protection helps keep you safe from scammy websites while its banking mode keeps your passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information hidden from the prying eyes of others.

Other features include tab grouping, which helps navigate multiple open tabs easier by keeping them together and well-organized. It also syncs bookmarks and history across platforms so you can continue browsing where you left off on a different device. It also blocks online ads which can speed up loading speeds.

Avast’s web browser looks almost the same as Google Chrome. It lets you import your configuration settings, bookmarks and other features that you may want to use after switching to Avast. The only drawback is that it sends usage statistics and crash reports to Avast’s servers, which you can change at secure://settings/importData. It’s a great web browser with plenty of privacy and security features.

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A VPN is among the best ways to secure your Android phone or tablet. It gives your device an entirely new IP address by connecting to another server. It also encrypts your information that prevents anyone else from observing your online activity. A premium VPN service will come with advanced security features that ensure you are protected. A good example is a kill switch that helps block apps that don’t support VPN from collecting your personal information. It also makes use of AES-256-bit encryption, which is among the most secure standards.

ExpressVPN is the highest-rated Android VPN due to its flawless performance, quick connections and superior privacy security. The app is simple to use, and it connects you to a relevant server that is located near you when you start the application. Currently, TechRadar readers can claim 3 months of no cost when signing to a 12-month contract.

Surfshark has a nice user interface and a number of advanced security features like split tunneling that lets you choose which web traffic to send through the VPN as well as the kill switch. It is compatible with many apps and one of the most affordable options on this list.

IvacyVPN has a feature-light application that is compatible with older devices, however it still offers streaming that is free of buffers, torrenting, and traffic prioritization options. Its servers are based in locations that don’t belong to the Five Eyes network.

Tips on time management can be a great way of increasing productivity, reducing stress, and improving work-life integration. Nevertheless, they are often difficult to implement.

You need to first know your priorities, and then be able manage them effectively. Once you’ve decided what you want, it will be easier to fit it into your schedule.

Prioritizing is one of the most important time management skills you can learn, especially if you’re trying to advance in your career or become more self-sufficient. The best way to identify your top priorities is to write them down and put them in order of importance.

Delegating your tasks is a good way to free up some time and increase your productivity. You can delegate tasks to other members of your team or use a time management application that allows for you to divide your day up and assign tasks to your co-workers.

Breaks are a great way to stay on track, and prevent burnout. Taking a few moments away from your computer can be a good way to relax, reset and boost your energy.

The Pomodoro Technique organizes your tasks into 25-minute blocks, with a five-minute interval between each. This allows you to focus better and eliminates distractions.

If you work in the office or at home, developing good habits can help boost your productivity. Every couple of hours, take a break from your desk to enjoy some fresh air, coffee or a stroll outside.

Cairn-making is a surprisingly meditative exercise that can bring people closer to the earth. Whether you’re making a traditional rock cairn or a creative stack of rocks, it’s a way to take your mind off the everyday and focus on balance and permanence.

Throughout history, different cultures have used cairns in many ways. They may have served to indicate a route to follow, to indicate the location of food, or to warn about danger. In North America, Native American peoples also used cairns as burial sites, a practice called inukshuk.

The word cairn comes from a Gaelic term that means “heap of stones.” They are usually built in the form of a hill of rock. They range in size from small rock sculptures to large man-made hills of stone, some of which are comparable to kistvaens and dolmens but built of stone rather than ephemeral earthworks.

Cairns serve many purposes, and are particularly useful to hikers. They can guide hikers home after a long day’s hiking, or help them navigate in remote areas.

A well placed cairn could save lives and guide a group hikers who get lost or are having difficulty finding the trail. Some people believe that cairns violate Leave No Trace principles and are not a part of nature.

Service Level Management, or SLM, is a way to ensure that services and service levels are defined, negotiated delivered and reviewed.

It allows IT to be planned more accurately, which reduces costs while ensuring a better customer experience. Regular reporting as well KPIs enable quick response to any irregularities.

Establishing service level agreements and metrics is a fundamental part of SLM, with the goal of setting customer expectations that can be met. These can range from the amount of time it takes to respond to a ticket, through to the resolution of the issue.

The development of training materials, and their implementation is also essential to a strong SLM. This includes identifying training requirements and testing staff members to ensure retention.

SLM includes monitoring performance and adapting service levels to satisfy customers. It allows a company to continually improve and build trust among their clients. This is key for winning new business.

SLM also focuses on improving customer service, which can lead both to increased revenue as well as value for the business. Consequently, it is imperative that both the IT and the business departments constantly strive to find new ways to increase customer satisfaction.

Service level management is a complex and ongoing process, so it needs to be well-staffed and managed with rock-solid processes. It requires an experienced team that can be relied upon to detect problems and issues well before they escalate. It’s essential to have the tools necessary for managing SLAs & OLAs. This includes alert workflows & system context.