• The Individual Edge

    The Individual Edge consists of programs and services designed to effectively address challenges that are unique to you, the individual. You get to be a dynamic force, living the fulfilling life you have dreamed of.

  • The Mastermind Edge

    Few people achieve anything great alone. The Mastermind Edge consists of “Power Groups” that utilize a collaborative support-network approach to help members, like you, realize win-grow scenarios, individually and collectively.

  • The BootCamp Edge

    Knowledge is power, but without action is futile. The Boot Camp Edge consists of specified project-based interactive, experiential group activities and experiences that are completed within a short, set time frame.

  • The Corporate Edge

    A critical element of Exceptional leadership is a keen understanding of yourself and the ability to lead yourself effectively as well as to work with others. The Corporate Edge consists of Corporate Specific Programs and services for medium to large sized corporations, to assist them in determining and implementing the right strategy to solve persisting problems.

  • The Destiny Edge

    Legacy Living and conquering new summits of personal and professional possibility add meaning and relevance to one’s life. The Destiny Edge is a private, small group, 3- to 5-day retreat in a beautiful and supportive environment that lends itself to us engaging in experiential activities that reinforce learning, creating transformations and of course, having fun.

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“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

~Albert Einstein

At Embracing Freedom Global, we believe that life is an ongoing lesson that requires a series of strategic adjustments.

We empower our clients to create a personal blueprint for Authentic Living, Exceptional Leadership & Financial Fulfillment.

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